How to Look Cool at a Casino« Online Blackjack: Exceptions to Basic Strategy

How to Look Cool at a Casino« Online Blackjack: Exceptions to Basic Strategy

I know that feeling as though you need to look cool is kind of high school. When you try to look cool you risk the chance of coming off fake… because that’s exactly what you’re doing, trying to be something you’re not. However trying something new that makes you feel different can open you up to something that you could end up really liking. A change of pace is always is a good idea. Here are a few tips on how to look cool when you go into a casino.

Dress the Part

You don’t need to get super elaborate like James Bond in a tuxedo but you should defiantly ditch the t-shirt, jeans and the cap. What ever your style, dress for a casino like you’re going to a better club. Put some good shoes on, do your hair, what ever you do the key here is to look like you have money.

Act like A Pro

Another key is to look like you know what you are doing. Put your money down on the felt; never hand it directly to the dealer. Know the rules of the game and use the right phrases and actions when playing. For example, when playing blackjack always tap the table for a hit and wave your hand for a stand. One thing that you should also do is tip your dealer from time to time (the equivalent of one half of your standard bet every quarter hour or so, more when you’re winning).

Winning is Cool

Well this is a pretty obvious one. Every game has a strategy, even roulette. You can’t always win, but you can certainly give yourself a better chance of winning. Read a few books on gambling strategy. Most importantly never leave the table without chips. Yes, this will take some discipline but this mental practice will keep you looking cool and always allow you to go home with money in your pocket.