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Works By Gallery Artists

 John Aquilino  

Hotel Indigo Oil on Canvas painting by artist John Aquilino at Marin-Price Galleries

  John Aquilino from New York City studied at the School of Visual Arts and the Art Students League before a 25-year career as a commercial artist and illustrator. In 2003, John moved to Maryland and began focusing on his own passion for urban landscape artwork. His paintings of New York, Baltimore and other cities have been called visually meditative. He manipulates color patterns, shapes and light to create unusual striking compositions.

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March Avery (Works from Collectors) - Coming Soon     March Avery knew at an early age that she would be a painter. She never considered any thing else. Painting is in her soul. Trained by her famous father, Milton Avery, she develops her work in the Avery Stream. March is a prolific artist who has produced spectacular canvases and wonderful water colors.

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Walt Bartman   Middletown Valley Oil on Canvas by artist Walt Bartman at Marin-Price Galleries   Walt Bartman's work uses color and emotional experience found in  relationships. It is the poetry of vision. Color underlies feeling. Just as a trumpet announces a parade, so does color. For the viewer, it pulsates internally.

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Joan Bontempo

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Prophet Stoneware Glazes Limestone Sculpture by artist Joan Bontempo at Marin-Price Galleries

  Joan Bontempo has been a ceramic artist for more than 25 years, creating both traditional functional works and expressive abstract, sculpture in clay and mixed media. The ceramic methods she uses are high fire stoneware and low-temperature Raku firing, and may have bits of glass, copper, or gold enhancements. Her work is shown in galleries, museums and universities regionally and national invitations since 1977. She lives and works in Sharpsburg MD.
Bernard Corey   End of winter oil on canvas painting by artist Bernard Corey at Marin-Price Galleries   Bernard Corey, known and loved for his delicate New England landscapes, is considered one of the best New England plein air artists of the 20th century.  His love of art also began at an early age, and he was encouraged by his parents to develop his drawing skills. Although he had no formal art training, he taught himself to render nature in oils and watercolors. For twenty-five years he worked painting houses and hanging wallpaper while his landscape painting remained a hobby
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Jenness Cortez     Jenness Cortez is a mid-career artist with astonishing talent. Born in Indiana, Jenness Cortez began her formal art studies at the age of sixteen under the guidance of noted Dutch painter, Antonius Raemaekers.  Cortez further developed her solid fine arts background as a graduate of the Herron School of Art in Indianapolis and student of Arnold Blanche at the Art Students League of New York.
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Carolyn Anne Crocker   Tending The Vines Oil on Canvas Painting by artist Carolyn Anne Crocker at Marin-Price Galleries   Carolyn grew up in a thriving and vibrant Southern California art scene. After seeing an Impressionist exhibit at the Laguna Museum of Art, she knew she wanted to learn how to create light-filled atmospheric paintings of her own.  Carolyn’s paintings have been included in juried exhibitions and featured in one-woman shows. Her work can be found in private collections around the world.
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Beverly Erschell   Sunrise Sunset Acrylic on Canvas painting by aritst Beverly Erschell at Marin-Price Galleries   Beverly Erschell has long admired the work and world of Henri Matisse. When she paints she is creating a world that bears resemblance to the scenes that inspired her, but it is fundamentally the work of her imagination.

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  Fairon is a Venetian painter and architect who paints in the style of the French post-impressionists blended with a Venetian sense of luminosity and realism His systematic use of blue tones mixed with shades of red and green, gives his work a personal vision of reality. Fairon uses color to accent his work, rather than light as the true impressionist did. His work thus acquires a personal touch which renders his images unique.
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Patrick Farrell     The magical realism of Patrick farrell will be the feature of this exhibit. Patrick's still lifes are highly sought for their beauty and serene tranquility. Patrick Farrell's exhibit will have only ten to twelve paintings.

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Donny Finley   The Museum and Subway Oil on Canvas Painting by Donny Finley   Donny Finley grew up in the small town of Millerville, Alabama. He became known for painting the life he knew. Now, though the scope of material he uses for subject matter has broadened, and his painting techniques are continually evolving, one can still sense the relationship between subject matter and artist in his paintings.

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Alyce Frank   Aspens From the Austign Haus Painting at Marin-Price Galleries by artist Alyce Frank   Artistically, Alyce Frank is interested in the power of the scene, rather than the changing light. Each painting must be about something special. Her selecting and rearranging the subject is what produces a painting that is distinctively Frank. The power of the scene is Alyce Frank's main feature within all of her paintings. She is an extremely accomplished artist with a distinct style. Alyce Frank works are mainly featured in galleries throughout the Southwest.

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Franco Fusari     Franco Fusari is a working artist residing in Italy. He specializes in pastel and charcoal work, portraying evocative and sensuous nudes. He often uses very bold, intense color to produce a wonderful contrast and an interesting composition.

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Michael Graves   Winter Stream Oil on Canvas Painting by Artist Michael Grave at Marin-Price Galleries   Michael Graves is a celebrated artist from New England. He was a student of Bernard Corey (one of the countries top plain air painters). Michael paints in the style of the Cape Ann School. His images are often scenes of Maine, Vermont, and other picturesque New England countryside scenes. In the past twelve months, Michael has been accepted to the permanent collection of the Butler Institute of American Art, an was selected for the top 100 Arts for the Parks exhibit.
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Gerald Hennesy   Shenandoah River Dam painting by Gerald Hennesy at Marin-Price Galleries   Hennesy is a graduate of the Corcoran and an illustrious local artist who has painted the Virginia countryside and European scenes in the style of the impressionists. His works evoke the majesty and wonder of the natural landscape.
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Zachary Hopkins
Sushi Oil on Panel by artist Zachary Hopkins at Marin-Price Galleries    Zachary Hopkins was born in Philadelphia born has been painting realism in oils for over fifteen years. His most powerful influence were the photo realists, or hyper-realists, from the late 60’s and up. Ralph Goings’ diner scenes firstHopkins became fascinated with paintings with food themes mostly because he says there is so much color and texture there. Also because fine cuisine has the added dimension of appealing to some of the finest aspects of our senses.
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Charles Jarboe   Central Park NY Oil on Panel painting by artist Charles Jarboe at Marin-Price Galleries   Charles Jarboe lives and paints in Baltimore, Maryland. Art critics consider Mr. Jarboe one of the foremost painters in the American realist tradition. He is equally at home applying this style of painting to the landscapes of rural and urban America. There is much more to Mr. Jarboe’s paintings than copying the scene in front of him, however. All of his paintings are composites of his emotions and extensive imagination. They draw the viewer in and are subject to multiple interpretations. Mr. Jarboe has exhibited extensively in Realist Shows at Galleries and Museums throughout the United States. His paintings are highly sought after by public and private collectors.
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Marla Korr   Surveying the Country Oil on Canvas painting by artist Marla Korr at Marin-Price Galleries   Painting is Marla Korr's passion. Her love of landscape painting was inspired by her father whose appreciation for nature took her family each summer from New York City to the lush beautiful Hudson River Valley. But as a life long resident of New York City patnting urban landscapes did not escape her ability to capture the city's iconic views.
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Reagan Lake   Salinas Valley Acrylic painting by artist Reagan Lake at Marin-Price Galleries   Reagan focuses on the landscape and man's interaction with his environment. She does not depict the landscape as a whole but rather as fractured pieces that fit together, much like pieces in a puzzle. Rather than painting representationally, her color choices are always based on emotion and intuition
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Elio Lazzari     Elio Lazzari is an important Venetian painter. His work is direct and bold. A great colorist who can render the image with the certitude of an experienced master. The narrative element of his work is clear and decisive. Lazzari has exhibited extensively. His work is numerous private and public collections in Venice, Rome, Florence, Milan, Torino, and many other Italian cities. He has also exhibited in Madrid, Barcelona, Cadiz, Paris, New York, Frankfurt, and Luxembourg to name but a few.
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Cathy Levinson   Two Orange Peppers painting on gouche by artist Cathy Levinson at Marin-Price Galleries   Cathy's interest in art began when she attended the High School of Music and Art in New York City. She went on to major in art as an undergraduate at CCNY and taught high school art for several years. Most of her professional work is education and psychotherapy with Master's degrees in Special Education/Learning Disabilities and Social Work. In this work she used art with young children extensively.

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Tom Maakestad Cloistered Fields Oil on Canvas painting by artist Tom Maakestad Tom Maakestad works and lives in Marine on St. Croix, MN where he has maintained a studio for the past 16 years. The Minneapolis area has been home-base since 1992. Prior to that Tom and his wife Anna lived in Hong Kong for 7 years where they both had busy careers and traveled extensively throughout Asia. Trekking in Nepal, Burma, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand among other countries gave them a first hand observation of different cultures and art forms

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John Marin    
Kennedy Galleries, Inc., New York
The Berkshire Museum, Pittsfield, Massachusetts, "John Marin's Berkshire Landscapes", June 9 -August 9, 1985.
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About Marin
Jamie Marin-Price     Jamie is an American artist (native Washingtonian) working in Lille France where he attended The University of Lille and earned an MFA. This exhibit features his bold abstracts and some of his watercolors.  He is in many private collections in the Metro area.
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Fred McDuff   Cove at Dinnard Serigraphs by artist Fred McDuff at Marin-Price Galleries   Fred McDuff was born in Birmingham, Alabama in 1931. While stationed in Germany with the Army, he visited some of Europe's great museums - which made a lasting impression on him. A favorite of McDuff's subjects was Brittany, that he frequently visited.  He stated that "Remembered reality is an endless source of inspiration".
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Patrick McKelvy   Two Holsteins Oil on canvas painting by artist Patrick McKelvy at Marin-Price Galleries   Patrick McKelvy's idyllic landscpaes are images typical of rural Western Pennsylvania and Southwestern Virginia. Although, careers have taken him all over the globe, it is Appalachia that inspires him to paint these amazing landscapes.
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Susan O'Brien McLean   The Tea Party Oil on Canvas painting by artist Susan OBrien McLean at Marin-Price Galleries   Susan O'Brien McLean lived in England and during that time painted cricket matches, English country gardens, and picnics by quiet streasms. Now that she lives in Osterville on Cape Cod, her subjects are beaches, Cape gardens, and landscapes.
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Michael Moss  

Mid Summer Glare Oil on Panel Painting at Marin-Price Galleries by artist Michael Moss

  Michael Moss received his B.F.A. from Virginia Commonwealth University and his M.A. from Boston University, Graduate School of Arts. He is a great colorist whose soft, yet vibrant colors create a light and carefree portrayal of the New England towns he paints.
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Lee Newman   Polish Sausage Oil on Linen Panel at Marin-Price Galleries by artist Lee Newman   Lee Newman studied at American University and founded the Washington Studio School. His work is included in the Corcoran Gallery of Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the National Gallery of Art. The influence of painting at the same school can be seen in their work, which complements each other.

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Becky Parrish     Becky Parrish is a new artist with the gallery. She was educated at George Washington University and studied with William Woodward. Her work is realism, and her subject matter is still life's and figurative work. She is an outstanding portrait artist.
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Aura Price     Aura Price began painting at age 85 when she received an oil painting set as a Mother’s day present. Since then Aura has been painting regularly and has exhibited at Marin-Price Galleries in Chevy Chase, Maryland and at Roglan Gallery in Barcelona, Spain. She has also been selected for the collection of "Mundo Naif," a prestigious web site ( dedicated to naif paintings.

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Garrin Riggin   On The Road to Stonington Oil on Canvas by artist Garrin Riggin at Marin-Price Galleries
  Garrin is a native of Baltimore with roots to the early watermen of Maryland's eastern shore. After majoring in political science at Towson University, Garrin's interest in history and politics led to simultaneous careers in broadcast journalism and editorial cartooning, for which he won a Sigma Delta Chi award for distinguished journalism. Self taught in the arts, Garrin works in several media in the visual arts, and is a published poet. He lives with his wife and two dogs. They split their time between their home in Maryland, and their home on Delaware's eastern shore. Gary makes annual trips to coastal Maine.

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Karen Schulz Stonehenge-ish Cotton on Fabric painting by artist Karen Schulz at Marin-Price Galleries   Born, raised and educated in the Northeast US, Schulz has resided in the DC area for the last 38 years. While she has used a sewing machine since the age of 9 and created original, one of a kind quilts for the last 35 years, she came to artistic expression later in life and has pursued her art seriously and full time for the last 10 years studying with many notable artists in the field. Schulz’s work has been accepted into many national and international competitions, and has been exhibited widely in both solo and group exhibitions both in the United States and abroad.
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About Schulz
Adolf Sehring Innocent Days by artist Adolf Sehring at Marin-Price Galleries   Born in Russia to a German-Russian artist family, his father was a theatrical designer and portraitist. In 1939, the family was politically persecuted and deported to Berlin, Germany. Sehring showed an early talent and won many awards as a youngster such as First Prize of Europe, Germany and Berlin.  During the Korean conflict, Adolf served as a much decorated division artist in the U.S. Army. For the next 12 years he ran a successful manufacturing, design, and import business in the interior decorating field, only to return to his 'lifetime love' art.
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Joseph Sheppard (Sculptures) This year is one of Sheppard's most important in his long and illustrious career. He has been painting 50 years. A number of museums, including the Walters Art Gallery in Baltimore and the Butler Museum of American Art in Youngstown, Ohio, have scheduled exhibits to celebrate Sheppard's career.
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Toni Silber-Delerive Open Field Cultivation Oil on Canvas at Marin-Price Galleries by artist Toni Silber-Delarive Toni Silber-Delerive is a Manhattan-based artist and graphic designer. Toni's work is represented in museums, private and corporate collections.  Toni's aerial-view paintings represent diverse places and spaces of the contemporary landscape seen from an above ground perspective.
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Carroll Sockwell Design in Black and Gray Painting by artist Carol Sockwell at Marin-Price GalleriesExe Carroll Sockwell belongs to a somewhat later generation of Washington artists than that embodied by the Color School, with whom he maintained ties. While artists in his generation are more pluralistic, Sockwell's influence extends to a younger generation of Washington artists who hold direct mark holding abstraction in high regard.
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Jeremiah Stermer Yellow Rose Giant Shell oil painting by artist Jeremiah Stermer at Marin-Price Galleries   Stermer in an outstanding artist to be sure, yet painting for him is just one of his talents. When he paints he draws on all his creative talents to render the final “piece”. His creative process begins long before he sits in front of easel. Stermer is forever thinking of ideas, which he documents with great care. Many ideas do not make the final cut (so to speak). Once he settles on the subject of a painting he starts to change it.
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Arthur van Hecke     Van Hecke is one of France's most distinguished Post-Impressionists. Already in numerous museums in Europe, Ban Hecke was recently honored with a retrospective exhibition at the National Museum of Dunkirk.
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WIlliam Woodward   Skipping Stones Acrylic painting by artist William Woodward at Marin-Price Galleries   Woodward is a very taleneted artist at the Gallery. His paintings are realistic and abstract.
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