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Contemporary Paintings and sculptures by American and European artists: representational, Impressionist, realist, abstract and semiabstract. French Post-Impressionism.

Upcoming Exhibits
Last Updated: 5.22.2017

Werner Drewes
Sat. May 6th  - Mon., May 28th,

  Into the Future Oil on Paper painting by artist Werner Drewes at Marin-Price Galleries
  Werner Drewes, painter, printmaker, and teacher was born in Canig, Germany in 1899. His father, a Lutheran Minister, expected him to channel his artistic talents into a career as an architect, but Werner chose instead the vagabond life an artist. After being drafted into the army and serving his term in the front line in France, Werner was admitted to the Bauhaus in 1921 where he studied under such artists as Klee, Ltten, and Muche. Later, he traveled extensively through Italy and Spain to study such masters as Tintoretto, Velasque, and El Greco. After marrying Margaret Schrobsdorf, a German nurse working in the Azores, they traveled throughout South America, North America, and Asia. Traveling was always an important source of inspiration for his work.

Steve Glucksberg
Sat. April 1st  - Sun., April 30th,

Heart Squeeze Oil on Panel Painting by artist Steve Glucksberg at Marin-Price Galleries
  Steve Glucksberg is a most talented artist, there is not a subject nor style he cannot create. As a matter of fact he is the only artist represented at Marin-Price Galleries who has exhibited at the Louvre Museum in Paris. This particular exhibit was created with visions he had while having a heart attack. The exhibit is monumental in size and demanding in style, yet it is the way he felt it.\\\

Sat. Mar. 4th  - Mon., Mar. 27th,

  M-F-7 Oil on Canvas Painting by artist Madeleine Finley at Marin-Price Galleries
   This exhibit will introduce Madeleine Finley to our clients. Madeleine joined the gallery recently and has been capturing a significant following. She is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Fine Art at the Chicago Art institute (please see her bio for additional details). This exhibit will also feature works by Howard Mehring, Reagan Lake, Steve Glucksberg, Jamie Marin-Price and others.

Small Format Paintings
Sat. Jan. 28th  - Tues., Feb. 28th,

  Yellow Boats Oil on Canvas painting by artist Garrin Riggin at Marin-Price Galleries
  This exhibit will feature many of our artists and will focus on their small format work. There are some real gems there. By keeping the painting size small we are able to include more artists and more paintings. A collateral benefit is that the prices tend to be lower. The exhibit will include works by March Avery, Joseph Sheppard, Charles Jarboe, Jeremiah Stermer, Michael Moss, Donny Finley, Caroline Anne Crocker, Gerald Hennesy, Susan McLean and many others.
Works On Paper
Sat. Dec. 17th  - Wed., Jan. 18th,

  City Garden Winter watercolor painting by artist March Avery at Marin-Price Galleries
  This exhibit will also offer an opportunity to start an art collection with a rather small investment. The exhibit will showcase works by Roxie Munro, March Avery, Howard Mehring, Mary-Claire Cornwallis, Arthur Van Hecke, Werner Drewes and a significant variety of other gallery artists


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