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Zachary Hopkins

Philadelphia born Zachary Hopkins (1966) has been painting realism in oils for over fifteen years. His most powerful influence were the photo realists, or hyper-realists, from the late 60’s and up. Ralph Goings’ diner scenes first caught his attention and set his quest in painting.
Hopkins became fascinated with paintings with food themes mostly because he says there is so much color and texture there. Also because fine cuisine has the added dimension of appealing to some of the finest aspects of our senses.
He was initially moved by the photorealist diner scenes, but chose to move the focus of his subject to a more contemporary elegant visual. French food with its striking visual appeal is a favorite.
Zachary Hopkins has been influenced by the works of Robert Bechtle, Charles Bell, Richard Estes, and Ben Schonzeit, plus the many realists throughout art history.
He paints rather flat, but enjoys punching up the illuminated areas where the hi-lights are strong and pronounced. He says he can’t resist adding enhanced, almost out of place, bright color around objects and shadow areas

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