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Mary-Clare Cornwallis

Mary-Clare Cornwallis was born and educated in Kent. Although her first loves were art and the theatre, she trained as a teacher and owned and ran a thriving nursery and pre-prep school in South London before becoming a member of the growing number of talented British watercolor artists.

Despite having no formal training, she has exhibited at Flying Colours Gallery, The Gallery in Cork Street in London, the McGill-Duncan Gallery and House for an Art Lover in Scotland, and the Oriel Gallery in Brisbane, Australia.

She has steadily built up an ever-increasing clientele for her decorative and botanical watercolors. Her first mentors were in Scotland but more recently as she has developed her botanical work she has studied under, amongst others, the distinguished British watercolor artists Rosie Sanders and Evelyn Binns.
Mary-Clare Cornwallis Heritage
  Mary-Clare Cornwallis's Heritage

Mary-Clare Cornwallis is the daughter of the late Lord Cornwallis. The family has been pre-eminent in English history through their connections with the royal family and claim descent from Richard Earl of Cornwall and through him the Plantagenet Kings of England. From an American point of view, the first Marquis Charles Cornwallis has had the greatest impact on American history. His surrender at Yorktown in 1781 led to the end of the War of Independence and while he fought on land his younger brother William Admiral Cornwallis patrolled the North American coast against the French, and is now credited with playing a vital, if unrewarded role in the defeat of the Spanish and French Fleets at Trafalgar in 1805. Their uncle Edward Cornwallis, another general and twin brother of the Archbishop of Canterbury, was the founder of Halifax in Nova Scotia in 1748.

The family was active in North America even earlier in the 17th Century. Thomas Cornwallis was one of the first settlers in Maryland and is credited with winning the first sea battle against rival colonists from Delaware in 1635.

On her maternal side Mary-Clare is descended from the Landale, Henderson, and Phipps families.

James Landale, son of David, the last successful duelist in Scotland (he killed his bank manager), emigrated from Scotland to Virginia in 1844 with his two children, before eventually moving to New York and being active in the financial, social, and sporting life in that city.

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