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Karen Schulz

The fiber compositions of Karen Schulz have been described as sophisticated, elegant, and lively with a notable attention to detail and craftsmanship. Her work references a careful consideration of line, shape, color and texture resulting in images which seem to issue an invitation to enter and linger. Schulz’s work has been accepted into many national and international competitions, and has been exhibited widely in both solo and group exhibitions both in the United States and abroad. She has garnered many awards including most recently a Juror’s Choice award at Quilt National 2017, and Best in Show at Quilt National 2015.

Born, raised and educated in the Northeast US, Schulz has resided in the DC area for the last 38 years. While she has used a sewing machine since the age of 9 and created original, one of a kind quilts for the last 35 years, she came to artistic expression later in life and has pursued her art seriously and full time for the last 10 years studying with many notable artists in the field.

My work is first and foremost a careful consideration of formal design elements. I am drawn to the tension created by the simultaneous holding of opposites. Circles and squares, stasis and movement, light and dark, the flat plane and three dimensional space, and most recently the hand drawn line and the sewn seam line; each is needed to highlight the other. It is through a disciplined use of design elements that I find joy in creating compositions that take the breath away, riveting the viewer to a point of perception where time and place fade away. My effort is to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

While the major impetus for my work grows out of the formalist tradition, I recognize there can be no form without content, no content without form. Typically for me content seems to arise out of form.

These works are quilts created specifically for hanging on the wall. They are improvisationally pieced first on the design wall and then sewn on the machine. The fabric is typically 100 % cotton, hand dyed by the artist. After the quilt top is sewn together it is then quilted to a cotton or wool batting and a cotton backing. Additional design elements are then added by sewing threads and yarn onto the completed quilt. Each quilt comes with a hanging sleeve sewn onto the back with a hanging slat for easy installation.

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