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Jeremiah Stermer

When an artist joins Marin-Price Galleries they usually provide a biographical note, which can be given to collectors. In the case of Jeremiah Stermer the gallery Director decided that he would write his biographical note to capture his inner persona.

Stermer in an outstanding artist to be sure, yet painting for him is just one of his talents. When he paints he draws on all his creative talents to render the final piece. His creative process begins long before he sits in front of easel. Stermer is forever thinking of ideas, which he documents with great care. Many ideas do not make the final cut (so to speak). Once he settles on the subject of a painting he starts to change it. He may begin with a vase surrounded by fruit, but when he finishes this vase may be hovering over the ocean with the fruit circling the vase. Each element of the painting will be perfect; the final outcome will be outstanding. You will ask yourself "how did this man think of doing this?". At the time of concept, Stermer did not have a plan in mind; he just did it that way.

When you view the final painting you will think of him as a realist, but you will also note that the surreal aspects of the painting are evident. Stermer correctly refers to his work as "Surrealism Grounded in Tradition."

Stermer is a multi talented artist. He is also a film maker, musician, and has gift for artistic exploration. His paintings are in a way the sum of all these talents, all assisted by a healthy dose of half sleep hallucinations and insight-visions.

Stermer is self-taught. He has been painting for over 50 years. His work can be found at The Hickory Museum of Art, Hickory, NC; The University of Maryland University College; and several paintings in The World′s Top 200 Collections, He is also represented in many Corporate and personal collections in The United States and abroad.

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