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My interest in art began when I attended the High School of Music and Art in New York City. I majored in art at City College in New York, and taught high school art for several years. I also worked as an Exhibits Technician at the U. S. Weather Department in Washington, DC where I had the opportunity to design brochures and exhibits. In the early 1960s I lived in Rio de Janeiro and was able to take art classes at the Museu de Arte Moderna.

Most of my professional work has been in education and psychotherapy. I have master’s degrees in Special Education/Learning Disabilities and Social Work. In my work as a clinical social worker/psychotherapist with young children I used art extensively.

I have had several shows in the Washington Metropolitan area including The Friendship Gallery in Chevy Chase, Maryland, the Yellow Barn Studio Gallery in Glen Echo, Maryland and The Design Center in Washington, DC. My work appears in many homes.

My style of painting is hard edge. My patterns and colors are influenced by my love of Matisse’s patterns and bright colors as well as the bright colors of the British artist, David Hockney. I also admire the paintings of Thomas McKnight: his brilliant colors and crisp images. Some of my paintings are obvious homages to him.

My color lacks representational or narrative aspects. The paintings derive their meaning from the organization of the elements of line, color, shape and pattern through design and composition on a two dimensional picture plane.

I choose familiar subjects and objects that have a quality of rhythm and lend themselves to a moment of focus. Color is paramount to this focus. The instantaneous power of vibrant colors is a key element in building the structure of my work through repetition and movement on the surface of the plane. I am interested in the compositional elements moving over and on the surface of the picture plane.
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